About FutureProof PHP

Andrew Shell PhotoHoopla! I’m Andrew Shell, a PHP developer in Madison, WI.

I started programming when I was 5-years old. My parents had gotten me a book “Superworld (Magic Micro No 2)” which was a storybook for kids where you had to type in basic programs at the end of each chapter to find out what happens.

I became much more interested in programming with my TI-85 graphing calculator in high school. First with TI-Basic and later with Z80 assembly programming.

I went to college for software development, but it wasn’t until 2003 that I got my first job as a developer. They hired me because I had done some PHP on my own and needed someone to build a CMS for one of their clients.

At about the same time I went to a PHP conference in Toronto where I met many PHP developers from Madison, WI. They all asked, “Is there a PHP user group in Madison?”

There had been some prior attempts, but nothing at that time. I figured I’d give it a shot and had the first meeting of what would become Madison PHP on December 17th, 2004.

Since then, I’ve had many different jobs working on as many different kinds of interesting PHP projects as I could.  I learned a lot very quickly but always had issues where we’d build something great and over time it would get harder and harder to maintain. I needed to crack the code

I needed to crack the code of writing flexible PHP that could evolve as the requirements changed. So in several years I could still add new features as easily as I did when I started the code.

This website is to discuss what I’ve found to be the best practices for writing PHP that is future-proof.

My hope is that I can help other developers write better, future-proof PHP.